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Title: Clan looking for more members
Post by: RoG FREAKZ SG on March 11, 2014, 04:13:08 PM

Hello gamers

I'd like to invite you to join Revolution of Gaming. Whether you're a lone wolf looking for a squad or a seasoned vet looking for a new challenge, we have something for you. We have thousands of gamers, split up into brigades and companies to give you a close-knit sense of gaming. Our community consists of Xbox One, Xbox 360, PS4, PS3 and PC gamers. RoG's organization and atmosphere is second to none!

We have brigades for:

Battlefield 4
Call of Duty Ghosts
Call of Duty Black Ops II
Halo 4
Halo Reach
League of Legends

There are NO age or skill requirements... no trying out, unless you decide to try out for a competitive team.

Some of the features that put us on top:

Podcast team
Tournaments, Contests & Rewards
Graphics team
Event Staff
YouTube/Twitch team
Recruitment team
News team
Competitive teams (GameBattles and others)
Military Rank structure
VIP area/benefits
Social media interaction
How do you join?

Go to Revolution of Gaming
Create a free forum account and confirm your e-mail address in the welcome e-mail. (Use: RoG FREAKZ SG as your referrer if you wish)
Click Join a Brigade
Use the format requested to apply to a brigade of your choice
Wait for a commander to accept your application (usually within 24 hours)
Introduce yourself on the forums!
I look forward to gaming with you!