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7th Cavalry Tatical Realism recruiting
« on: January 17, 2011, 03:45:14 PM »
7th Cavalry Regiment

We are the largest simulated military organization / tactical unit out
"Reach within yourself" and enlist today! *NEW* LiveZilla. Once on our site
click on the “Speak to a recruiter online”. located on the top right
side of the site.

Our Mission:
Armed Assault Operation Arrowhead Combined Arms ( ACE and Tac. Server )
Call of Duty 4
Call of Duty 5
Call of Duty Black Ops

We are derived of current military, ex-military, and those outstanding
individuals who seek
structure and organized tactical gameplay.
Come join our ranks!

Advantages of the 7th Cavalry:
Prestige Tactical Realism Organization
Simulated Military Environment
Dedicated Servers
Exclusive personalized email account and website
Game Enhancement
Leadership/management development

Minimal Requirement:
1. Minimum age is 16
2. You must have a mic
3. Must have TeamSpeak
4. Must have Xfire
5. Must have (Place game appropriate to site/forum here)
6. Must be willing to play in a realism unit
7. Must be willing to take orders and follow the chain of command
8. Must be able to make one training a week
9. Must be active on the forum 1 time a week (ENLIST TODAY)
TS Info :
And don’t forget LiveZilla! Once on our site click on the “Speak to a
recruiter online”. located on the top right side of the site.

The Enlistment Processing Steps
Step 1. Go over requirements and address concerns.
Step 2. Instruct to Enlistment Center Step 3. Thoroughly brief and instruct
PR on the General Orders.
Step 4. Check all information.
Step 5. Await Contact from a Drill Instructor.
Step 6. Thoroughly briefing PR on the fundamentals of Cav duties and
responsibilities prior to going to Basic Training.
Step 7. Basic Training! have a thoroughly briefed and well prepared soldier Hooah!

dont forget to tell them Crafty sent you!


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