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Killers Move Silently
« on: October 28, 2012, 03:51:59 PM »
KmS (Killers Move Silently) is now recruiting! We’re a Playstation 3 based clan looking to expand with more players. We have players from EU & NA alike. Currently we are on Modern Warfare 3 and going to expand and move over to Black Ops 2 in November. We are also a level 30 clan on Elite.

When you apply to KmS you’ll go through an EVAL process period where you’ll be evaluated (btw, thats where EVAL comes from) by our best here at KmS.

Basic Requirements:
Microphone is required; we’re a team, so communication is key.
Minimum age requirement is 16.
Staying active on the site is important to ensure you get/stay in the clan.

On your application you’ll be asked who referred you to the website.
DANIUALGENIE will be your referrer.

We do not tolerate bad mouthing against other clans/players, we are here to play video games and have fun not make people feel like shit. Calling someone a try-hard is acceptable though.

From our gamers here,
Killers Move Silently


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